Miami FL Airport history

Miami FL airport was known in its early days under the name of Wilcox Field, specifically in 1928. Since then it has been added new terms that are part of the expansion project which Miami airport has gone through.

Because of the past of time and the connection with the U.S. territory and the Latin countries, that aerodrome has influenced hugely in the economy of the city and the whole country. A proof of that is the delivering of its taxes to the treasury annually.

Miami airport is located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, and offers modern and comfortable facilities for its passengers. On several occasions,it has been under military management, but today it is operated by the Department of Aviation.

The most common flights handled at this airport are those whose destination is the Caribbean, followed by the rest of the United States that connects with the city.This is because of many of people who live in Miami are Latinos and they keep traveling constantly to visit their relatives.

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