Limousine history

The transportation in luxury and comfortable limousines is often in the city of Miami. These fabulous cars cause amazement distinction for people even for the little ones. However, have you ever wondered about the origin of this long shiny car?

The story takes place in the Limousin region, France, in the mid nineteenth century. A group of residents of the area, located in south central of this European country, were concerned about the problems that the rain caused on the drivers of the pompous carriages hold by horses of that time.

They, inspired by fashion inventions, created a cover that served as a roof, protecting the driver from the water. Over time, the vehicle would be named the "Limousine" by its widespread use in major markets of the "Old Continent" and North America.

After the "boom" of motorized locomotion, the use of limousines got started as we know them today, with a special space for the driver in the front, and the other ample space for passengers.

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